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Phyllis GannonPhyllis Gannon has been involved in 4-H in one way or another for over 217 “4-H years”.  She is the matriarch of many years of 4-Hers as a mother, grandmother, and soon to be great grandmother.  Phyllis has pursued 4-H for her children and grandchildren.  She has “produced” many years of 4-ers and 4-H has always been a high priority for her family.  Phyllis is an all around great citizen which is the whole purpose of 4-H!  She continues to demonstrate the 4 H’s – head, heart, hands, and health.  She will turn 80 this summer and is active as ever.  Phyllis and her late husband, Eugene, were 4-H leaders when their children were young.  Rick, their eldest son, just retired from leadership of the same club for nearly 15 years. 

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