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Evelyn SwearingenEveleyn Swearingen had a very active 4-H member experience as a member of Unity H 4-H Club. As a member, secretary and president of the county 4-H Youth Committee, she was actively involved in establishing the Des Moines County Friends of 4-H program to obtain financial resources for county 4-H programs and activities and in reorganizing 4-H fair committees to include a paper trail of their decisions. In 1997, to prevent her own 4-H club from disbanding, she accepted the position of Club leader and thus preserved one of Des Moines County’s oldest 4-H clubs. Best of all, Evelyn will be involved in making the best of Des Moines County 4-H better for many years to come.

·    Member of Unity H 4-H Club – 1969-1974. Activities included 4-H camps, project workshops, county fair, state conference, state officer candidate, bi-county camp counselor, Washington D.C. citizenship short course participant, county council president (first female president of a combined county 4-H council).
·    Member, 4-H Youth Committee – 1986-1999, served as 4-H Youth Committee secretary and president, helped start Friends of 4-H program, Fashion Review/Clothing Selection Chair for many years. Worked on organizing 4-H fair committees with a paper trail, has evaluated many 4-H record books.
·    Unity H 4-H Club Leader 1997 to present. Received the Meritorious Service Award, 1999. One of her highlights was serving as the first female president of a combined county 4-H council.

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