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For the last 30 years, the 4-H program in Buchanan County has been financially supported through the most distinguished event at each Buchanan County Fair—The Pie Baking Contest and Auction. In 1976, some funding for 4-H Awards Night was not received as promised. The 4-H Program Assistant at that time, our first nominee Beverly Spahn, successfully came up with the idea of a pie baking contest and auction as a way to raise money to pay for the 4-H’ers’ medals. The idea was an immediate success!

Every year since 1976, the Pie Auction is THE big event at the Fair, capping off a day of chopping fresh fruit, rolling dough to the perfect thickness, and smelling the wonderful aroma of fresh-baked pie.  Our second nominee and Beverly’s mother, Ann Burns, has only missed one or two of the 30 contests, even though she lives two counties away. After the pie judging, contestants parade through the packed pavilion and show off their pies while auctioneers sell the pies. In 1976, the average pie brought about $15.00. Today, the average pie brings in about $200.00 at this annual event. The buyer enjoys a delicious pie, the baker finds the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause, and Buchanan 4-H’ers receive financial support at camps, conferences, Awards Night, and other 4-H events. Buchanan County 4-H’ers and 4-H alumni would like to thank and recognize these two women for their outstanding support of the 4-H program in Buchanan County!

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