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Lawrence (Bud) & Naomi HruskaLawrence Hruska was a leader of the Utica Lucky 4’s 4-H Club from 1963-1982 (20 years) and a Project Leader from 1983-1984.  He started the softball games at the Saude Park. He implemented discs for bases that are still there for the Utica Lucky 4-H Club as well as others to use at the park for their games.  They will be a permanent fixture.  Bud is an avid arrowhead collector and always shared his collection and experiences with youth in 4-H and at schools.

Naomi was a Project Leader from 1970 to 1974.  She was on the Youth Committee from 1973-1979.  Naomi was also a local achievement judge for the Far Out 4’s 4-H Club.  Every Valentine’s Day, Naomi would send a donation for their treasury.  

In 1976, Bud & Naomi received the 4-H Outstanding Family Award.  In 1979, Bud received the 4-H Honorary Award.  In 1980, Naomi received the 4-H Honorary Award. Both Bud and Naomi are great supporters of the 4-H Program.  

The Utica Lucky 4’s 4-H Club are so thrilled that Bud & Naomi are receiving this award that they are planning an alumni reunion in July to tell them then that they are going to receive the Hall of Fame Award. 

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