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2005 Webster County - Karen & Denny AmmanKaren and Denny Amman have been a valued asset to the Webster County 4-H program for many years.

Karen Cuckie Amman began her 4-H career in the boys and girls 4-H clubs of Washington Township in Webster County. Livestock was her first love but you couldn’t have livestock unless you belonged to boys 4-H. A girl couldn’t belong to boys 4-H unless you were in girls 4-H. That was in 1954. Her parents were leaders of the respective clubs so going to both seemed pretty natural. Probably the highlight of her    4-H career was showing the reserve champion beef at the Iowa State Fair.

After her schooling and marriage, Karen and her husband Denny became sponsors of the Webster County High 4-H group. This group of teenagers belonged to clubs across the county and met for educational and social events. Her children became active members of the Washington Township Clubs.

Later Karen became secretary of the Webster County Agricultural Board and later the 4-H Youth Assistant for Webster County. When she decided to give up this full time job she volunteered to go back to where it all began and became a leader of the Washington Winners 4-H Club where she continues to volunteer her time.

Denny Amman is also a treasure to this county.  Through working with their two children in 4-H, chaperoning high school youth on the CWF trip to more recently being on the Webster County 4-H Foundation where he provides input plus manages the data base along with making sure contributors are thanked officially, he keeps busy!  He also volunteers countless hours with the Webster County Fair as he puts in data for the market animals and breaks classes.  

It is volunteers such as this couple that make Webster County 4-H so great!

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