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2005 Warren County - Neva McCormickNeva McCormick has been active in Iowa 4-H for close to 30 years.  She began as many volunteers do, a parent of 9 year old whose club needed help.  Her oldest son, Chris, joined and then 2 years later her daughter, Kathy followed.  Neva was always willing to host the club the meetings, help during field trips, and jump in when needed.  Before long, she had the title of Club Leader and was in full swing with 4-H.

Though she never grew up in 4-H, she certainly didn’t let that stop her.  She was always encouraging her members to be active not only their club and community but on the county level as well.  Neva became involved with the 4-H exhibit building judging day at Warren County by helping write comments for judges.  She started this to really get a feel for how the judging process worked to help out her daughter and other 4-Hers.  Since the early 1980’s she has been volunteering during that judging day every year as the superintendent for the horticulture area as she will this summer.

Neva also explored the side of being a 4-H judge for a number of years.  She really enjoyed giving the positive feedback to 4-Hers they so deserve when they are being judged and then helping them to explore new ways they could continue on with the project area.  She has attended numerous judges’ trainings and always said that, she felt the judges trainings would be very beneficial for leaders to attend so they could understand where a judge was coming from.  

Neva really encouraged all members of her 4-H club to work on their Record Books throughout the year.  She would help them write their goals and complete their paperwork.  A number of 4-Hers from her club have won record book awards on the county all the way through the National level.  

Most people stop volunteering once there children have graduated out of 4-H but not Neva.  Right after Kathy graduated and was leaving the youth side of  4-H, Warren County was in need of volunteers to coordinate the County Council.  Neva stepped right up and did this role for a number of years.  Within Warren County she has also served on the Youth Committee, helped with Senior 4-H, assisted with numerous events, workshops, awards nights, day camps and judging days.

Neva and her husband Leland both have camped at the Iowa State Fair for over 30 years so it also made sense for her to volunteer for 4-H during it.  Starting back in the 1980’s, she was the Superintendent in the State Fair Exhibits Building for at least 10 plus years for the Ag and Natural Resource area.  She really loved helping the judges and displaying the exhibits.  She still helps each year in the Exhibit Building with the closing down of exhibits in the Clothing Department where her daughter is the superintendent.  

Besides the volunteering and judging, Neva has always been an advocate of sponsoring awards for 4-Hers in Warren County by donating savings bonds and prizes as well as contributing to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.  

Neva still is a strong advocate for kids needing to join 4-H. She sees the benefits that her children received from it as well as the wonderful things she gained by being a volunteer.  Currently she has one grandchild active in 4-H with another one joining next year and 4 more to join in years to come.  She is already assisting them with 4-H projects and teaching them all things they can explore in 4-H. 

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