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2005 Mills County - Richard GodfreyRichard Godfrey was an active 4-H member in Mills County for eight years carrying projects in beef, swine automotives, crops, and junior leadership.  He attended 4-H Citzenship short course in Washington D.C. in 1963 along with the State Leadership Camp.

While attending Iowa State University, Richard was a Campus 4-H member. Upon his return to the family farm in 1980, he continued to be involved in his community, utilizing the skills he gained from his experiences in 4-H.  He has been an active member and leader in his church, with a seed cooperative and the Mills-Montgomery County Cattle Producers.  On almost any weekend, he can be found grilling for numerous local organizations, including local 4-H families.  

Richard has served as beef superintendent for the Mills County Fair, and has provided valuable input on the 4-H and Youth Committees for both Mills and Montgomery Counties.  He chaired the Mills County Referendum Committee, again working to promote education in his community.

Outside of his home base, Richard has dedicated unending hours of service at the state level by serving as a committee member and president of the Iowa 4-H Foundation.  He and his wife, Rita, are 4-H 10,000 donors to this Foundation.

Richard credits 4-H with changing his life, and contributing to his ability to serve in leadership positions and speak before groups.  He has given freely in many ways to 4-H in an attempt to return some of the benefits he feels he received, and to provide opportunities for other youth.  In a quote from his record book at the time of his unsuccessful run for State 4-H Officer, he relates that another candidate had said, “Some will be winners and some will be learners:  He recalls being very proud to be a learner.  Through his service to 4-H, he hopes to give to other youth the opportunity to be “Learners”.

Richard, you have indeed fulfilled that mission.  On behalf of the people in Mills County, congratulations on being inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame!

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