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2005 Kossuth County - Tracy V. RemyExtension 4-H & Youth Leader for Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties from 1975-1992.  Coordination responsibilities included volunteer leader recruitment and training, program development and implementation, 4-H exhibiting at county fairs, recognition of youth achievements and adult service.  Placed special emphasis on significant experiences for 4-H’ers outside the local club, especially those contributing to personal growth, citizenship, and leadership development.  Encouraged participation in Iowa 4-H Conference and other state events, Area intermediate camp, Citizenship Washington Focus; planned and coordinated two-county junior camp and interstate exchanges.  Guided county officers in planning and implementing leader appreciation banquets, senior winter camp, fair teen dances and their work with County Club Councils to plan and carry out service activities (e.g. picnics for handicapped), social/recreational activities (e.g. ski trips, pizza parties) and family fun activities.  A few of the former 4-Hers thought Tracy was an outstanding story teller and entertainer when he sang the campfire song, especially "Dem Bones".  It really added tradition to the campfire/vespers time.  They looked forward to it every year. Just generally he was very interactive with the youth and provided a great leadership model for all that were involved when he served. Tracy also held several state and national 4-H responsibilities while on staff.
Since retirement in 1992 presented 4-H program highlights to 2 provinces in Poland for Heifer Project International.  Outside of 4-H, participated in short term mission trips to Spain Alaska, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala and Russia.

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I remember Tracy Remy in 1956 on a farm in Ramberviller France. We spent there 2 months. HE Ws there in a 4H program.After this stay in France he visited me in The Netherlands in the Friesland county near the city of Leeuwarden. Please let me know if this guy is the Tracy Remy I met.
Jaap Jacobsma | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
I remember Tracey Remy when I was in 4-H! I served on the Kossuth County Council and he was just a GREAT role model! I also went on a 4-H exchange program and he, of course, went along. He was and still is a GREAT asset to 4-H and being a 4-H leader now, I think of him often! THANK YOU TRACEY!!!
Tammy Thorson Dial | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
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