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2005 Johnson County - Maynard and Betty HeblMaynard and Betty Hebl are parents of 7 former Johnson County 4-Hers.  There was one year all 7 were in 4-H at one time and as a family exhibited a total of 28 head of cattle.  

Betty was a member of the Johnson County Fair Board from 1997-2000.  She was awarded the State Cattlewoman of the Year Award in 2000.  

Maynard was leader for the Rural Rockets 4-H club from 1966-1985, a member of the Johnson County Fair Board from 1986-1992 and is a member of the Johnson County Cattleman’s Association from 1979-present.  Maynard has been active on the Johnson County Extension Council from 1976-present totaling 29 years.  Maynard has supported the expansion and housing of Field Specialists, multi-county CEED sharing, program initiatives, and the development of the Johnson County Endowment Fund.  Maynard has provided strong leadership to the direction and management of Johnson County Extension and 4-H.

All of the Hebl children along with some, and most likely most, of their 12 grandchildren have or will be involved in 4-H and have done so with the proud guidance of Maynard and Betty.

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