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2004 Story County - Jim ChristyJim Christy served as the Story County Extension Youth Assistant for five years and held the position of County Extension Director for thirty years.  Jim impacted the lives of countless 4-H’ers.  He always had the needs and interests of the young people in mind.  Former 4-H’er Bill Couser says, “He just provided that great leadership that put us where we are today.”  Jim adopted new ideas and approaches to improve the orientation and philosophy of 4-H program.  He played a key role in starting co-ed 4-H activities and emphasizing that 4-H teaches life skills in addition to project-specific skills.  

Under Jim’s visionary leadership, the Story County 4-H program grew strong.  Jim promoted the CWF trip from its start in 1969.  He helped John Hattery and the Hattery family to establish a fund which has sent many Story County youth to D.C. and sponsors the Story County Fair Inspiration Program.  

Jim’s greatest strength is his people skills.  Jim built positive relationships within the Extension Service and the 4-H program and among other groups. Co-worker Shirley Pilgrim says, “His leadership abilities were phenomenal, and he had such a pleasant way of working with people.”  Jim was always tactful, never angry, even when a 4-H’er purposely nailed Jim’s pants to the roof of Dueland Pavilion while they were shingling it!

Following his retirement from Extension, Jim was elected as Nevada’s mayor and taught classes at ISU. Jim continues to contribute to 4-H by serving on the 4-H historical committee, and he volunteers frequently throughout his community.

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