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2004 Palo Alto County - Ray BrownRay Brown of West Bend, IA has made a positive impact in the lives of many    
4-H’ers in Palo Alto County and throughout the state.  He was a 4-H club    leader of the West Bend Pioneers for 27 years and started back up a year ago to help     his son with the leadership of the club.  Ray also served on the Palo Alto         County Fair Board for 16 years.  He has hosted several county showing and     fitting workshops on his farm.  He volunteered to be the county swine         superintendent and held that position for 15 years.  He also has served as the     district swine superintendent at the Clay County Fair of several years.  

Besides his leadership duties he has shared his knowledge of swine and beef by serving as a judge for surrounding counties.  In Palo Alto County he has worked with     many of our younger members by judging our Bucket/Bottle Calf Show at the     fair.  He has judged swine at the Iowa State Fair and has worked with many 4-H’ers in his judging of swine showmanship events.  

Palo Alto County is proud and fortunate to have Ray as part of their 4-H program.

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