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2004 Monona County - Mary Jane BrownMary Jane Brown has been a strong supporter and contributor to the Monona County and Iowa 4-H program for over 30 years.  She served on the Monona County Youth & 4-H Committee and was leader for the Blencoe Bonnie Belles 4-H Club for eleven years.  Mary Jane has judged projects and communications at all levels including club achievement shows, county fairs and state fair.  Her strongest commitment has been to the 4-H communications program.  She continues to work with clubs and individual members as county communications 4-H project leader and county fair superintendent.  She believes in the importance of developing communications skills for life and is very generous in offering her time and expertise to work with young people.  

The biggest reward for Mary Jane is to seek out youth who are not selected for lead roles in school activities and help them succeed through 4-H.  Mary Jane feels great appreciation for the 4-H program.  She was an 8-year member in South Dakota and says “A wonderful 4-H leader and my parents realized that I could succeed and found ways to help me through 4-H.  I don’t think this would have happened in the school system.  I learned to speak in public, organize my thoughts and skills, work with others, and take on responsibilities and meet a deadline.  It’s a joy to see children succeed because of 4-H.”

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