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2004 Harrison County - Beverly A. HarterBeverly has been a 4-H volunteer for 33 years in Harrison County.  Many of those years, she was a club leader, during the time her children were in 4-H and then again as her grandchildren joined 4-H.  

Beverly was a Community Resource Development aide conducting programs for youth in Harrison County and later became a 4-H Program Aide for the county.  She also held numerous other positions with Extension throughout the years.  While a 4-H Program Aide, Beverly developed the “Youth and the Law” school enrichment program to teach youth values, goals, responsibility and the reasons for laws.  The program is still used in Harrison County.  

Presently, Beverly is a member of the 4-H and Youth Committee.  She also volunteers many hours at the Harrison County Fair.  Although she was gravely injured when a tornado struck her home in 1999, Beverly continues to support and work with 4-H’ers as much as she can.  Beverly truly loves 4-H and everything it stands for. 

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