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2004 Dallas County - Dennis EmehiserDennis Emehiser started as an associate 4-H member at the age of 8 and then joined 4-H in 1956 for nine years with hogs, sheep, cattle and junior feeder pen projects.  He was a 4-H club leader from 1969 to 1984 for Linnfield Pioneers and Adel Jr. Farmers.  In 1985 he organized a new 4-H club, Adams Arrows, which included his son, daughter and about ten other members.  He served as a 4-H Club leader until 1992 for a total of 24 years.  

Dennis has been a member of the Dallas County Fairboard since 1984 and is very active in helping in the livestock area.  He spends many hours at the fairgrounds all year long to ensure that every 4-H livestock event from weigh-ins to auction goes smoothly, all the equipment is in working order and safe for each 4-H member.  In 1999, Dennis and his daughter took over the Dallas County 4-H Support Group where they raise money from county businesses and individuals and then bid on the livestock during the auction to help 4-H members get a little more premium from the livestock that they sell.  

Dennis is always at the fairgrounds and really enjoys helping the kids learn and grow in the 4-H program.  He’s always been a supporter of the program as well as other events at the Dallas County Fairgrounds for years.  Dallas County congratulates Dennis Emehiser on his continued and life long involvement with 4-H.

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