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2004 Clinton County - Winton and Cleone McCullohCleone belonged to the Jolet 4-H Club and Winton belonged to the Mohawk 4-H Club in Clinton County.  Cleone was the County President in 1942 of the County Girls 4-H Club; Winton was the County Secretary. They crossed paths in October 1942 when they each helped at the annual meeting of the USDA, Iowa State, and the Clinton County Farm Bureau.  Cleone poured water and Winton poured coffee. It wouldn’t be until August of 1948 that Cleone and Winton were both attending the one act township plays during the county club show when Winton asked Cleone out for a date and dinner.  Cleone was upfront and told Winton that night, “she thought he should know that it was her birthday, so he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he showed up to her home to pick her up”.  
Cleone was involved as a state representative to the statewide 4-H Game Leadership Training program that was held 2 days prior to the state 4-H convention in Ames in June of 1942.  ”. As quoted in the original letter, “the purpose of the game leadership training school is to give training that will help with planning and direction of good times for family, club and neighborhood groups.” This was just six months after Pearl Harbor had been bombed. Cleone has her script from being interviewed on KROS in 1943 and her quote at the end of the interview seemed to fit very well “It is our duty to win the war and it will be up to us to write the peace.” One of the most unique projects Cleone was involved with was home efficiency. She has great records from that project and what a wonderful practical project.

Winton served as Mohawk 4-H leader for 15 years and Cleone served as a leader for Minnehaha 4-H Club for 2 years.   Winton was very involved in helping organize the Mohawk local show

As a 4-H’er, Cleone helped the county delegation campaign for fellow 4-Her Dorothy Behan who was running for state Vice President at the state convention in June. That campaign was successful.  Cleone served as county fair judge in Clinton County after the youngest was out of 4-H and even went on to judge at the Iowa State Fair.

Winton and Cleone have humbly supported the 4-H programs and instilled in their children and grandchildren a mutual appreciation in the 4-H beliefs and ideals.  They also believed in the state 4-H slogan during their tenure, “To win without bragging, to lose without squealing.”

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