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2004 Appanoose County - Curtis SeboltCurtis Sebolt has spent his entire life devoted to 4-H and the youth involved.  He joined the Franklin Farmhands 4-H Club in 1949 and was an active member serving as President of the club, county 4-H officer and was involved in the livestock judging team.  He also received many awards including the intermediate trip, beef showmanship, and grand champion steer.  Curtis’ involvement in 4-H did not end with graduation.  He was a leader of the Franklin Farmhands 4- H Club and also served twelve years on the 4-H Adult Committee, part of the time as president.

Curtis has served on the Appanoose County Fair Board since 1973.  He was vice president from 1978-1982 and President from 1983 to present.  Under his leadership the fair Board has developed into a very cohesive, hard working group of volunteers.  Curtis was also elected to the Association of Iowa Fairs Board in 1995, and serves as 2nd vice president in 2002, 1st vice president in 2003, and is currently serving as president.  While on this board he has also been named to many committees.

The greatest recognition anyone can receive are those selected by our 4-H youth.  Curtis has been honored by these youth as 4-H Alumni, 4-H Honorary Member and in 1978 was named Appanoose County Fair Dad.

Since 1952 Curtis has been involved in farming and, together with his two sons, produces some of the finest cattle in Iowa.  

Curtis and his wife Donna raised four children through the 4-H ranks and are now enjoying their 9 granddaughters and their 4-H experiences.  Three are past, 5 are present and 1 a future 4-H member.

Curtis does so much for our youth, and not for recognition, but for the pure joy of seeing all youth reach their potential.  Curtis has the highest standard of morals and values, and he makes sure that everyone he comes in contact with is treated with the same level of dignity and respect. This makes him an incredible role model for our young people.  His morals and values are due to his strong faith and commitment to his Church.  He has been a member of the Seymour First Baptist Church for over 50 years and has served as Sunday School Superintendent, Chairman of the Board of Deacons, Pulpit Committee and Church treasurer.

Appanoose County can’t begin to count the hours Curtis puts in before, during and after each county fair.  But we can say that for our youth, their families, and the Extension staff, Curtis makes the Appanoose County Fair a great experience.

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