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Lyle Mackey began his 4-H career showing dairy cattle.  Following his graduation from Iowa State University with a B.S. and later a Masters Degree his career took him to work for Iowa State University Extension.  His Extension service took him to Benton County, Plymouth County, State 4-H Staff, the Eastern Iowa Area Office, and eventually he served as the North Central Area Extension Director from 1976-1997.

In 1985 Dean of Extension, Bob Crom, appointed Lyle to represent him on the Executive Committee of the Iowa 4-H Foundation.  Lyle served in that role for 12 years, providing a consistent as well as historical perspective through numerous changes in administration in both the 4-H office and the Dean’s office.  At all times he cared about selecting people to do the job that were talented but also had a passion for the program.  

In 1997 the Iowa 4-H Foundation honored Lyle with the Partner’s Award for his long time service to the 4-H Foundation and the Iowa 4-H Center, which was a special interest of his.  For many years the Mackey family would hold their family reunion at Oak Lodge.

Lyle and his wife, Lorraine, live in Mason City.  They have eight children, Chris, Doug, Sue, Joe, Ann, Jenny, Carey and Katie.  In their free time they do volunteer service through their church particularly in the area of Social Justice, including hospital visits.  They are also active with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  

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