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2003 Muscatine County - Delorus BockwoldtDelorus is best known in Muscatine County for her 35 years as a 4-H club leader.  Her higher than average expectations and standards are respected by the rest of the clubs in our county as her members participate and achieve recognition in 4-H at the county and state level.  Although her expectations are high, she is very encouraging to kids to try something new, to apply for that award, or to get involved in activities beyond the club.  She is constantly pushing her members to get involved in their community through citizenship and leadership activities.  Several of her club’s graduates who complained about her expectations when they were members have come back as adults to thank her for “making” them try something beyond their youthful interests.

Delorus has had all five of her children and seven grandchildren go through the 4-H program.  Her children were active at the county, area, and state level while they were in 4-H.  Two of her daughters have also become 4-H leaders.

Delorus herself has been active in 4-H at the county, area, and state level over the years by serving on various committees and volunteering to help at numerous county activities.  She is also currently a 4-H judge at fairs surrounding Muscatine County.

Over the years, Delorus herself has been active in her community, serving in the PTA and Music Boosters while her children were in school.  She has served on her church council for nine years and is a member of the visitation committee, among many other church responsibilities.  And, she has run her own sewing business, “Designs by Delorus” for 40 years.  

It’s hard to list all of Delorus’ attributes in a few paragraphs when she has been involved in 4-H for 35+ years.  One thing is certain, she is very deserving of this honor of being selected to represent Muscatine County in the Iowa 4-H 2003 Hall of Fame.

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