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Posted on March 29, 2011 at 12:54 PM by Global Reach

Melvin and Beverly ToomBoth Mel and Bev Toom have been connected to the 4-H program for many years.  Mel was a 4-H leader, member of the Marion County Extension Council and 4-H & Youth Committee, and spent many hours chaperoning youth trips.  From hosting at the State Fair to judging Sportsmanship at the county basketball tournament, his appreciation of 4-H and dedication to youth and families ran deep.  Although Melvin is missed, he is remembered for his many hours contributed to 4-H.

Bev was also a long-time 4-H leader and member of the 4-H & Youth Committee.  She served many state exchange trips as a chaperone and has been a member of the Marion County 4-H & Youth Foundation and Basketball Tournament Committee.  Bev volunteers at the State Fair 4-H exhibit building with entries and as a hostess, meeting and greeting 4-H families.  As the static exhibit superintendent for Marion County, Bev dedicates over 80 hours in 7 days.  Bev’s readiness to help and commitment to 4-H makes her a very valuable and knowledgeable volunteer.

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