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A.J. BoysenAfter WW II and with an Agriculture Farm Operation degree from Iowa State College in 1948, A.J. Boysen married and returned to his home farm in Louisa County. A few years later A.J. was approached by neighbors to organize a Marshall Township 4-H club, which was called Marshall Miniatures Farmers. Many ambitious neighborhood youth were interested in joining and A.J. helped the group get started and served as leader for several years.

A.J. returned to the club again in 1958 and was a leader while his son was in 4-H. A.J. served on the Louisa County 4-H Committee helping county 4-H activities, evaluating record books, and assisting with the livestock at the county fair. Through the years he supported his son and encouraged his daughter, Karen, and wife, Dorothy, to become involved with the girl’s 4-H program in Louisa County. Today, two grandchildren living in Orange County California continue to enjoy 4-H.

A former Iowa State College professor recruited A.J. in the late 1960’s to recruit committee members to develop a southeast Iowa 4-H Campground for youth called Langwood 4-H Reserve. A committee was formed and plans were made for the development of the camp. A.J. raised funds, helped clear the land, donated time and machinery to build the camp which was owned by the Iowa 4-H Foundation. In 2000 the Iowa 4-H Foundation sold the camp to the Louisa County Conservation Board. A.J. worked with both groups for the transfer of ownership. A.J. is very pleased that the camp continues to be actively used by 4-H groups and other youth groups in the area.

A.J. served as a member of the Iowa Foundation Board of Trustees and was given an award plaque for his years of service.  Having a fondness for horses, A.J. continues to support the Lousia County Horse Club with donations and awards for the horse show and for the 4-H members.

A.J. hopes the values of 4-H will continue to shape the lives of young people in our state.

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