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Mary SmithMary Smith was an eight-year 4-Her in Wapello County from 1946-1954. She exhibited in all areas and went to state fair with a 4-H Presentation in 1953.
Mary received the Rose Outstanding Girl Award and numerous other county awards.  Her mother organized the Dahlonega Do-R-Best 4-H Club that Mary was a member of and her father was a Boys 4-H leader for 35 years.

Mary was a 4-H Organizational Leader for 5 years and project leader for 5 years for the Achievers 4-H Club in Fairfield.  The club received a Pioneer Grant and put up signs on the Bonnefield cemetery where the founders of Fairfield are buried.  The club grew from 5 members to 43 members in 5 years under her leadership.  Mary has judged county fairs for 15 years and judged state fair communications 10 years.  She has helped in the 4-H Exhibit Building at the State Fair the past 17 years.

Mary wed Lowell Smith in June 1954. Their son Clark was active in 4-H and was a State 4-H Officer in 1980.  Lowell & Mary were presented Friends of Extension Award in 1998.  Mary is currently retired and enjoying a life of being a full-time volunteer.

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