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Ruth GraceRuth Grace was a 40-year volunteer with the 4-H program, 10 years in Marshall County and 30 in Franklin County. She served as a 4-H club leader, special project leader for Health, Youthpower, and Communications, on the Franklin County 4-H Committee, and President of the Franklin County 4-H Foundation. She was instrumental in the building of a new 4-H Foodstand/meeting facility on the fairgrounds.

Ruth also served 6 years on the Iowa 4-H Foundation Board and was a State 4-H Alumni Award winner in 1966. In addition to her 4-H work she was a leader in the Hampton Community Betterment program, the development of “Our Christmas Store”, and numerous church leadership activities. She was instrumental in the development and carryout of the State and National Youthpower program.

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