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Phyllis RaperPhyllis Raper has worked as the Adair Count Extension Office Assistant for the past 29 years.  During that time she has made every effort to know each and every 4-H’er and their family.  She takes pride in being able to spell the names of every 4-H’er correctly; keeping track of who is a Sara with no “h” and who is a Sarah with an “h”.  4-H families know they can count on Phyllis to find the special form they are looking for or to explain the entry procedures for a livestock show.  Phyllis loves the county fair and camps at the fair each year so she can be ready to serve 4-H families first thing in the morning or after most people have left the fair at night.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Phyllis frequently takes important papers home so a family doesn’t need to make the drive to the county office or can get what they need after the office has closed.  She takes calls at home from families wanting to know how to get to the 4-H Camping Center or what time an event begins.  Phyllis has braved cold temperatures and fierce rainstorms to make sure the 4-H sheep weigh-in goes on without a hitch each spring.

Besides giving of her time and energy, Phyllis supports the 4-H program financially.  You can count of Phyllis to donate a fair trophy each year, buy a raffle ticket on a quilt or a colt, or just stick some money in the cash box to pay for t-shirts that a 4-H family needs but can’t afford.

Phyllis has three grown children – Jolene Cavanaugh, Cindy Baldogo, and Rusty Raper.  She is also proud grandmother to eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Pinky, and crocheting afghans.

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