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Muscatine County recognizes J.W. Merrill for his pioneering work with 4-H.  In 1915, as the second county agent in Muscatine County, J.W. Merrill wrote in the annual reports about “boys and girls club work.”  References are made to corn clubs, beef and pig clubs.  In a report to the Muscatine County Crop Improvement Association, the organization sponsoring Extension work in Muscatine County, on July 30, 1917 Mr. Merrill reported the following: “The Seed Corn Campaign has done a lot of good because it not only gives the children correct ideas about seed corn, but it stimulates an interest at home and that is where we hope for our benefits. . . . we visited the boys near Letts and secured three more prospects in the Baby Beef Contest.”  -J.W. Merrill

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