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2002 Marion County - Irma WilliamsIrma has been involved in 4-H in numerous ways: as a long time 4-H member, as the mother of four very active 4-H’ers, as a volunteer club leader, and as an Extension staff member for 30 years.

Irma has distinguished herself by always lending support to those who are struggling, whether it is because they have less financial resources, less parental support, or perhaps less ability to learn.  She conscientiously worked to “level the playing field” by founding a non-profit organization to help pay out-of-county event costs for all young people, by setting up workshops and project meetings for members who need individualized assistance, and by organizing 4-H clubs for those with special needs.  Her satisfaction came from watching each member blossom and grow.

As a Youth Field Specialist, Irma guided Circle of Support, a program to recognize and prevent adolescent depression, 4H CARES, a school enrichment program to prevent substance abuse, and a Career Exploration Day for 9th grade students.

Throughout Marion County, Irma is recognized as a positive influence, dedicated professional and dedicated listener.  Although now retired from her Extension position, Irma continues to care about people—especially young people!

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