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2002 Louisa County - Keith B. HillerKeith Hiller's, 4-H contributions began in 1924 when he joined 4-H and continued as a member for 12 years.  During this time he carried a variety of agricultural projects and was active in county 4-H activities, attended the State Boy's 4-H Short Course and won a trip to the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago.

At age 21 Keith became a 4-H leader of the Better Livestock Growers Club in Wapello for which he is credited for naming.  This club exists in Louisa County today.  From 1937 until 1960, Keith was a leader of three different 4-H Clubs and served as Louisa County Chairperson of the Boys 4-H Committee for 17 years.

In 1970 Keith was awarded the Iowa State 4-H Alumni Award and a few years later was the recipient of National 4-H Alumni Award for his outstanding dedication and service to 4-H.

 Keith, his wife Martha and their four children also supported 4-H with their active participation in 4-H and by donating to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.  As a family they hosted IFYE youth from the Philippines and India.

The countless hours that Keith has invested in the development of Langwood Nature Center, formerly Langwood 4-H Reserve, where youth come to camp, canoe, learn and conquer challenges, is a lasting contribution to youth and families in Louisa County and the surrounding area.  For this achievement he received an award from the Iowa 4-H Foundation in 1980.

Keith farmed in Louisa County and promoted agriculture by involvement with Future Farmers of America, as a Farm Bureau Board Member and through his active participation in Pork Producers and the Corn and Soybean Associations.  He was also active in his community serving on the Wapello School Board for eight years and a member and trustee of the Wapello Methodist Church. 

All of the Louisa County 4-H'ers, past, present, and future salute the service that Keith Hiller has given to 4-H for over 60 years. 

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