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2002 Humboldt - Homer EastmanHomer began his association with 4-H as a ten year old and it became a lifetime association.  He became a 4-H club leader in 1944.  Homer and a co-leader organized the boys’ food stand at the Humboldt County fair.  They raised $500 and sent the proceeds to the Iowa 4-H Foundation to help build the camping center near Madrid.  Homer took one of the first Humboldt County groups to the state camp after it opened and the new lodges were complete.  He continued to take his club to winter camp for many years, taking 42 different groups to various camps over the years.

Homer was a 4-H club leader for 21 years.  He was also a tri-county leader for 3 years.  Humboldt, Webster, and Pocahontas counties had a club for senior high students and some graduates.  They enjoyed participating in projects, camps, and activities together.  Homer also organized 4-H basketball and baseball teams for Humboldt County.

Homer and his wife Vivian hosted 3 International Farm Youth Exchange people.  The young people were from Jamaica, India, and Finland.

Homer and Vivian have been married for 60 years and have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.  Their children and grandchildren have been active in the Humboldt County Fair and Iowa State Fair over the years.

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