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Posted on March 24, 2011 at 1:10 PM by Global Reach

2002 Greene County - Randy and Linda HedgesAssociating Randy and Linda Hedges names to the Greene county 4-H program has become second nature for many.  Leading the Greenbrier 4-H club for many years, Randy and Linda – 17 and 14 years, respectively – work as a team to portray the true power of YOUth and the 4-H program in Greene County.  Working to instill morals and values in youth, as well as keep the full meaning of 4-H in perspective, the Greenbrier 4-H club is active in many areas. Involved in community service and group projects, Greenbrier 4-Hers also strive to join all of the Greene county 4-H clubs by hosting the county wide basketball tournament each year.

Randy and Linda have also worked to keep the idea of 4-H alive and fresh in their lives by helping lead other project areas as well.  Randy has been an assistant livestock superintendent for many years while Linda helps in the Exhibit Building on entry day to make sure all of the 4-Hers have their projects in the right classes and all of the forms and tags they need.  In addition, Linda attends the North Central Region Volunteer Forum annually to learn new ideas and renew friendships.

 Randy and Linda volunteered a lot of time this year to help organize and create the 1960’s Greene County 4-H Centennial float as one part of ten float entries in the Jefferson Bell Tower parade, exhibiting our “Decades of Leading”.

Randy and Linda have worked many years as dedicated leaders in Greene County and the 4-H program.  Even though all of their children have graduated and become 4-H alumni, Randy and Linda continue to be very involved.  Words cannot express how appreciative Greene County is to have leaders like Randy and Linda Hedges to help guide the youth of the county.

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