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2002 Carroll County - Florence GenzenFlorence was a leader of the Manning Cadets for 50 years. She started the second year of the club’s existence and retired in 1999. Under her leadership the Cadets regularly had members participate in presentations, clothing events, camps, CWF, County Council, State Fair, Ak-Sar-Ben, and many other county and area events.

Florence said she loved helping the little girls, but wasn’t about to let them slack off.  “I worked them hard, you know.”  She figured if the parents were driving them to the meetings, she was going to make sure they learned something.  Florence was always there to encourage and challenge 4-H’ers to try something new; and she was very successful at that.

Florence encouraged all of the club members to give a presentation every year, this wasn’t an option!  Florence said that citizenship and demonstrations were one of the most important things that the girls did.  “To watch a shy girl come out of her shell with poise was really something”.

Bread-baking workshops were also a highlight of the year, with as many as 80 loaves of bread and buns made.  She got the ingredients donated, and in return donated the bread to the nursing home, county care facility and others who were needy.
In a Manning Monitor article in 1999, honoring Florence for her 50 years as a leader, she says,” I love it, I just love it.  If people only knew what 4-H does for the kids, everyone would be in it.”  She goes on to say she feels like she got a college education from Extension and serving as a 4-H leader.  She recalls times when she was sitting on the tractor, notebook in hand, waiting for her husband to return with the load of corn or oats, jotting ideas down for the next 4-H meeting.  “I guess I had a one track mind, and that was 4-H.”

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