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2002 Bremer County - Betty ArnsBetty Arns has been a leader of the B-Square 4-H Club for 39 years.  She has been a leader to over 500 girls and has had as many as 54 members at one time. 

Betty is a big supporter of communications at the club, county, and state level.  Six of her seven children went to State Fair with communications.  She has been Bremer County Fair Horticulture and Communications superintendent for many hears and has judged communications, food and nutrition, and horticulture at county and state level. 

Betty and her husband Roland bought a brick at the entrance to the 4-H Exhibit Building at the state Fair and they received an Iowa 4-H Foundation Award as an Investor in the Development of Youth. 

Betty says: “We are an “Old Fashioned Club’.  We still do clothing, home improvement, and food and nutrition rotation.  Through the years, I have had the club at my home making pies, making homemade bread, and learning how to sew on a button many times.  Children need to learn the simple things: sewing on a button is the same today as it was when 4-H started 100 years ago.  I have taught many 4-H’ers the easy way to know how to set the table.  Left has four letters so anything with four letters – fork, bowl, and dish, go on the left.  Right has five letters so anything with five letters – knife, spoon, and glass, go on the right.  That is so easy to remember.”   

This year the Bremer County Fair is having a 4-H 100th Birthday Party and Betty has volunteered to bake 1000 cupcakes to serve at the party.  That exemplifies Betty, always ready and willing to help wherever and whenever needed.  Betty has many great memories and stories to tell from her 4-H leader years.

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