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2002 Audubon County - William EsbeckWilliam Esbeck was a great contributor to the beginning of 4-H in Audubon County.  He started the Baby Beef Club in 1922.  He was a leader in 4-H for over 29 years.  Through the years of leadership he had one guiding philosophy that “It isn’t the purple ribbon that is important, it’s how much the 4-H club member learns in his project that counts.”  Audubon County believes today that statement is as true as ever.  

William received the Good American Award for his contribution to 4-H presented by Ted Malone, ABC Radio commentator, in 1949.  He received the Emerald Award by the Sate 4-H office for his years in 4-H leadership.  In 1955, William was named an honorary member of the Iowa State College Block and Bridle club for his contribution to Iowa agriculture in the live stock field.
All five of Esbeck’s children were 4-H club members.  His daughter Ramona Esbeck worked in the State 4-H office for many years.  He funded a scholarship for graduating 4-H seniors for 10 years.

William was a great promoter of 4-H and Audubon County is honored to have William Esbeck in the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.
One other interesting fact is that William lived to be 101 years old.

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