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2002 Appanoose County - Gary LongWhen you think of 4-H in Appanoose County, you ultimately think of the Gary Long family.  Gary and his wife Marla are the parents of four children, the last of which graduated from high school and 4-H this spring.  Gary has been a leader of the Chariton Valley 4-H club throughout the span of his four children; has served many years as President of the 4-H Adult Committee and the Appanoose County 4-H Foundation, as well as serving on the Appanoose County Fair Board.  Gary brings with him to each of those entities a desire to do what is best for all 4-H’ers in the county.  He makes sure each individual concern is addressed, but the ultimate decisions are based on what is best for all.                

Gary unselfishly donates many hours to the 4-H program and the county fair.  Weeks before, during and after the fair, Gary and his family are out working at the fairgrounds and helping other 4-H’ers.                                                                                                                  
As stated by a youth council member – “if we were to put a permanent marker of what 4-H symbolizes, we’d have to erect a statue of Jason Long”.  Jason is Gary and Marla’s youngest son, and the 4-H attributes he portrays are the result of Gary’s parental guidance, leadership and the strong role model he is to so many.

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