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Youth & Club Recognition Opportunities

Youth & Club Recognition Opportunities

Recognition in 4-H is an acknowledgment and affirmation of the personal growth of an individual.

It can be public or private. It can be within the individual or provided by others. Recognition in 4-H includes encouragement and support for learning and comes as a result of participation in educational experiences.

Recognition is one strategy to help youth become more capable and competent. It happens through recognizing and appreciating each person's effort and providing positive reinforcement to continue participating in learning activities.


Recognition In 4-H Has Several Purposes:

  • Recognition can be a motivator for some young people to excel and take risks.
  • Recognition can foster self-appraisal skills, providing a strong foundation for each young person to engage in self-reflection and self-praise without the need for external rewards.
  • Recognition can encourage and support the efforts of young people as they engage in individualized learning, peer competition or cooperation.
  • Recognition, used in all its forms, can provide balance to the recognition young people receive as they move through our educational programs to increasingly difficult challenges.


Recognition Opportunities Available



The Iowa 4-H Foundation encourages young people to continue their education beyond high school by offering various scholarship opportunities. Students may be eligible for a variety of scholarships, depending on the grade point average, county of residence, involvement and the college in which they are attending.

View more about scholarships available to 4-H alumni and how to apply for these scholarships.

State Recognition Opportunities

National 4-H Conference
National 4-H Conference is a week-long trip to our nation's capital.  Youth stay at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, MD with delegates from across the nation.  The goal of the event is for youth to share their perspective on the 4-H program with national leaders, including Congressional members. 

National 4-H Congress
This event is held over the Thanksgiving holiday each year in Atlanta, GA. The event includes dynamic keynote speakers, community service in the Atlanta area, workshops on leadership, cultural issues, and team-building. Delegates will also get a chance to tour the city of Atlanta.

State 4-H Council 
This group of high school students works directly with Iowa 4-H Youth Development staff to represent the program across the state.  They speak to local 4-H groups, represent 4-H'ers ideas to staff, and work in committees to plan the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, 4-H'ers for 4-H campaign, and 4-H promotional ideas.   Meet this year's state 4-H council and learn more about their role here.

Iowa 4-H Technology Team

State Project Awards 
4-H'ers who have focused on specific project areas during their 4-H experience can apply for recognition for their efforts through this program.  Awarded a $100 tentative award, 4-H'ers who have demonstrated mastery, leadership, communication, and service in their project will be recognized as the top in the state.  4-H'ers may apply under two project areas -- only one project area per year will be awarded.

State 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program
The 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program is designed to promote 4-H and specifically 4-H Shooting Sports. Youth selected to serve as Ambassadors will receive training to become advocates for the program at county, regional, and state levels. Through the program, Ambassadors develop their skills in leadership, public presentation, citizenship, community service, public relations and team building.

National 4-H Dairy Conference
4-H'ers active in the dairy project can apply for this annual conference, held in Wisconsin.   

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