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Opportunity for All

We believe in the power of the 4-H Program and how it can make a difference for young people. All kids should have an opportunity to be a part of the 4-H community to set them up for future success. Here’s how we’re doing that:

Financial Aid

To ensure that financial need is never a barrier to joining 4-H or participating in the Program. The Foundation provides financial aid support for both enrollment fees as well as program fees for workshops, camps and conferences.

College Scholarships

With costs for higher education continuing to rise, students need more support than ever to reach their goals of a college education. We provide over 100 college scholarships to not only help to make college more affordable, but to also recognize the efforts of 4-H’ers and the impact they have on their communities.

Reaching New Audiences

All young people deserve an opportunity to be a part of 4-H. Whether they come from a rural or more urban community or whether they join a traditional 4-H club or get involved in a new way we hope all young people feel welcome through 4-H. Grant funding from the Iowa 4-H Foundation supports new opportunities to engage with youth such as 4-H Connect and 4-H Soccer for Success.

Help provide opportunity for all!

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