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Innovative & Local Programming

Growth in 4-H happens through innovation and ingenuity with dedicated support for local 4-H programs. The Iowa 4-H Foundation is proud to support the efforts of County 4-H staff to make a difference for young people!

4-H Forward Program Pilot Grant

In 2023, Iowa 4-H Foundation created this pilot grant opportunity to provide multi-year support for locally focused projects that align with the goals of the Iowa 4-H Foundation Strategic Plan. Funds have been committed from the Iowa 4-H Foundation Program Endowment to fund the pilot for three years. Grant recipients receive up to a total of $35,000 with a goal to:

  • Increase enrollment and/or retained members
  • Increase engagement with new audiences of youth
  • Increase capacity of local 4-H resources
  • Create replicable concepts developed by pilot counties to recruit, retain, or reach new youth audiences

4-H Program Grants

Twice a year, the Foundation is proud to award program grants to support county, regional and state 4-H programs. Staff are invited to submit grant applications. Over $200,000 is awarded annually.

County Endowments

Over 80 counties hold endowment funds with the Iowa 4-H Foundation. These funds allow donors to make a difference in a local program and are an investment tool to provide ongoing financial support for a county program. The Foundation provides accounting and fundraising support for County Endowment Committees and works with donors to help direct their support in a way that is most meaningful.

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