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Nehemiah Westercamp

County: Van Buren
4-H Club: Jolly Trio
What skills have your gained through 4-H? Communications, leadership, teamwork, being interviewed and interviewing, applications, professional skills, and skills related to specific project areas.
What impact has 4-H had on your life? 4-H has made me a much more well rounded person with much better communication skills, social confidence, and an ability to take initiative. 4-H has given me many friends, novel experiences, opportunities to network and develop my life skills.
Describe 4-H in four words: Growth, friendship, skills, giving.
Why should others join 4-H? They should join to gain the skills, relationships, and experiences that 4-H offers. 4-H tries to make youth better people and it has succeeded in my case and I think it will in theirs too.

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