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Endow Iowa Tax Credits

Insert picture hereEndow Iowa. Give to your community. Receive tax credits.

Giving through the Iowa 4-H Foundation Endow Iowa fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines is rewarding - in more ways than one. Since 2003, the Endow Iowa Tax Credit has directly encouraged more than $140 million in permanently endowed fund at community foundations, creating lasting change across our state.

Your gift improves lives in our community, and the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program offers you generous tax incentives to make it easier for you to give more for less. Those who give to a permanently endowed fund such as the Iowa 4-H Foundation's at a qualified community foundation, or affiliate organization, including the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, are eligible to receive 25% tax credits for their gifts. Community members who give also are able to take advantage of the tax credits in conjunction with federal tax deductions.

Tax credits are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with approximately $6 million available annually statewide. The tax credits can be claimed by individuals, businesses or financial institutions. 

Endow Iowa Fast Facts:

Across the state

  • Endow Iowa was created in 2003 to encourage gifts to permanent endowments and qualified community foundations. 
  • Since 2003, more than $140 million has been invested through Endow Iowa to improve residents' lives.
  • Donors will be eligible to receive 25% tax credits, up to $300,000 in 2014 per taxpayer, for donations to endowed fund at qualified community foundations.
  • Gifts to community foundations cost donors less with Endow Iowa. For example, a $10,000 gift could cost as little as $4,000.
  • Donor gifts to the Iowa 4-H foundation's Endow Iowa fund support facility improvements at the Iowa 4-H Center (4-H Camp); 4-H scholarships and national recognition trips; statewide program support; and priority 4-H needs.


For more information about the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program, please contact Emily Saveraid at 515-294-1552 or esaver@iastate.edu.

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