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4-H'ers for 4-H

2019 Campaign Portal: Count Your Clovers

The State 4-H Council Finance Committee has made it their goal to raise $29,000 for Iowa 4-H’ers in 2019!

What is the Iowa 4-H'ers for 4-H Campaign?

This annual campaign is conducted by youth members of the State 4-H Council Finance Committee. 4-H Clubs across the state are encouraged to donate $3.00 per 4-H member and the funds raised benefit financial aid, State 4-H Conference, and other projects as voted upon by the State 4-H Council. The campaign runs March 1 - June 1.

Your Campaign Contribution Supports:

  • State 4-H Youth Conference
  • Financial Aid for 4-H Program Fees and Event Registrations
  • Support for State Youth Council

Color the map green!

We'll color in the counties green as they have clubs participate and donate.

Last year 324 clubs in 70 counties donated to the campaign. Here are their results:

Grand Total: $29,138.00

Top 3 Counties:
Percent Increase

Franklin: 227%
Warren: 609%
Sioux: 1,111%

Top Counties By Region:
Total Given 

Central: Webster $1,372 
Northeast: Worth $1,093 
Northwest: Sac $1,280 
Southeast: Johnson $1,144
Southwest: West Pottawattamie $1,148

Amount Per Member

Central: Wright $8.28
Northeast: Worth  $5.28
Northwest: Sac $6.81
Southeast: Johnson $2.99
Southwest: Shelby $5.02




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