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Group Travel to Clover Woods

All 4-H groups using Clover Woods Camp and Retreat Center will be eligible for a travel reimbursement. The standard rate will be $0.06/camper/mile. Larger groups or groups traveling a greater distance may request additional support. Use the Application Form here to apply.

How to Apply

The following guidelines have been established for applying for financial assistance.

1. Any 4-H group who is interested in participating in camping experiences at Clover Woods Camp & Retreat Center is eligible.

2. An Extension staff member or a volunteer leader may submit an application using the Financial Assistance Application for 4-H Groups.

3. Groups must bear some portion of the travel cost. It has been our experience that those who pay a portion of the cost to participate in an event do so with a more positive attitude.

4. The Iowa 4-H Foundation has a limited amount of money for financial assistance. These funds will be allocated among as many different groups as feasible. Therefore, priority for groups requesting assistance will be based on distance from
the 4-H Center and the number of participants. First time request will see highest priority.

5. January 10 or May 1 are the deadlines for submitting requests to ISU County Extension Offices. This deadline will permit a careful analysis of requests and allocation of funds. Deadlines to the Iowa 4-H Foundation are January 20 or May 10, respectively.

6. Please include a statement by an Extension staff member or 4-H leader explaining the financial situation of the group. No funding will be provided without a financial statement.

Apply for Financial Assistance for Group Travel to Clover Woods 

Also available in Microsoft Word

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