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Monthly Giving

There are several options available to establish a monthly giving plan with the Iowa 4-H Foundation. The most common ways include:

1) Credit Card or Direct Debit
Make automatic monthly contributions from your credit card or bank account on the 15th day of the month. You may also establish a quarterly donation schedule.

    Monthly Giving Online Form

2) Payroll deduction (ISU Employees Only).  If you are an Iowa State University employee, you can have a designated amount taken out of your monthly paycheck and donated directly to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

     ISU Payroll Deduction Form

3) EFT through the ISU Foundation. Your gift counts as a contribution to both Iowa State University and the Iowa 4-H Foundation. The ISU Foundation charges a five percent gift fee (ex. donate $25, 4-H receives $23.75). Funds are transferred automatically on the 15th day of the month.

     Iowa State University EFT Pledge Form

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