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Celebrate the Present

Iowa 4-H DonorsThe Iowa 4-H Foundation is currently focused on a single strategic priority: FUNDRAISING.
This priority includes two elements from our current strategic plan:
The first element includes goals to increase fundraising for annual operations and program support, and responds to a more challenging fiscal environment for 4-H, and many other non-profits.  Matching gift campaigns, like that sponsored by Pioneer
Hi-Bred International, have helped the 4-H Foundation increase annual support for the 4-H program by providing new opportunities for Iowa's 4-H youth.  Foundation trustees oversee the annual operating budget and help engage alumni and friends to provide overall support for
Iowa 4-H.  
The second element includes goals to partner with others for major gift development, endowments and camping facility improvements at the Iowa 4-H Center.  Staff engage 4-H alumni and friends to help plan for future gifts through their wills and estate plans. Planned gifts like these will be increasingly important for 4-H, providing a stable base of support as state and federal funding (provided through Iowa's Board of Regents and the USDA from the Smith-Lever Act) decrease in future budgets.  Trustees help in connecting potential donors to grow the future for 4-H, creating new named endowments for specific programs and project work, scholarships, and more.  Additionally, trustees are actively working to continue adding new elements to the 4-H center, focusing on increasing camp program opportunities with a shooting sports facility and multi-purpose building for year-round programs.

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