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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

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2021 Hardin County Connie Rose

Posted on 08/23/2021 at 11:55 AM
Connie Rose had her first experience with Hardin County 4-H as a youth growing up south of Cleves. She was only involved for a few years, but still remembers how excited she was when a dress she sewed went on to the Iowa State Fair. When Connie and her husband...

2019 Hardin County: Doug and Cindy Gillmore

Posted on 08/19/2019 at 12:21 PM
Doug and Cindy Gillmore have been involved in Hardin County 4-H for 16 years, since their oldest daughter first joined. Parents of Amber, Amy, and Nathan, the Gillmore’s were involved in their kids’ projects and were supportive of new adventures they wanted to try. If it was a new project, they...
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2018 Hardin County: Allen & Maryln Johnson

Posted on 08/21/2018 at 3:16 PM
Maryln Johnson started raising llamas in 1988. This year will be her 27th llama show at the Hardin County Fair and her 27th year as llama superintendent. In 1991 it all started with two pens under a tree by the show ring. At that time, Jim Johnson was the Extension...
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2017 Hardin County: Harris and Dianna Haywood

Posted on 08/25/2017 at 9:40 AM
Harris and Dianna Haywood are committed to making the Hardin County 4-H Program a rewarding experience for its youth. Whether it’s volunteering their time and labor to help at the fair, or organizing special projects and fair events, they are a couple that has truly made an impact in the...

2016 Hardin County Dale and Jackie Jass

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 8:32 AM
Some may call them non-traditional 4-H members; they have been helping and supporting the program for nearly 25 years. From being superintendents for poultry, to helping with their three boys’ 4-H projects, to Jackie managing the 4-H food stand, & Dale being the president of the Hardin County Fairgrounds, they...

2015 Hardin County- Richelle Stowe

Posted on 08/24/2015 at 9:17 AM
She’s been a 4-Her for life – literally. Since before she could walk, Richelle Stowe was attending Pleasant Peppy Teens 4-H meetings with her six older sisters and her mother, who was the leader of the club. When she was finally able to join the club, she thrived in the...

2014 Hardin County - Jackie Tibbs

Posted on 08/17/2014 at 10:15 PM
Jackie Tibbs grew up on a farm in Preston, in Hardin County where her family raised crops and livestock. She attended Iowa State University and earned a degree in Elementary Education. Jackie then taught at a middle school in St. Joe, Iowa, until she married Allen Tibbs, a Hardin County...

2012 Hardin County- Staci Reifschneider

Posted on 07/20/2012 at 10:48 AM
Staci Reifschneider took the 4-H Pledge to heart. This gave her the ambition to give back with a lifetime of service to her family, church, community, and all aspects of her life. Staci was a continuation of a generation of traditions exhibiting livestock, consumer science, communications, running for Hardin County...

2011 Hardin County - Edward & Ione Ziesman

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 1:45 PM
A farm boy and a city girl, Edward and Ione Ziesman, have been dedicated to Hardin County 4-H since there first daughter joined the Pleasant Peppy Teens 4-H Club in 1970. For fourteen years many girls learned the fundamentals of sewing, food and nutrition, home improvement, and how to give...

2010 Hardin County - James Ostheimer

Posted on 04/21/2011 at 1:30 PM
James was born into a farming family in Hardin County where his father raised dairy cattle and purebred Duroc pigs. As a 4-H member in the Ellis Go-Getters 4-H Club, Jim loved being outside and found his passion for animals. As an adult, Jim volunteered as the club leader for...

2009 Hardin County - Steve Landt

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 1:54 PM
Steve Landt has always loved the outdoors and working with animals. When he was old enough to join 4-H, it was a natural fit. A neighbor sold him his first Hereford calf and a lifelong hobby was formed. He was a nine year member of the Union-Whitten 4-H Club in...

2008 Hardin County - Ken & Evelyn Cook

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 10:39 AM
Kenneth inherited his passion for 4-H from his parents, Maurice and Fern Cook, who truly took to heart the challenge to make the best better through 4-H. He enjoyed livestock judging and has many treasured memories of showing livestock at the county and state fairs. After both Ken and Evelyn...

2007 Hardin County - Pat & Joe Rash

Posted on 04/07/2011 at 2:05 PM
Joe and Pat Rash have volunteered many hours in support of the 4-H program. Each one has served their community as a leader; Joe for 19 years and Pat for 21 years. They have enjoyed watching their children and now grandchildren enter exhibits, show livestock at the county and state...

2006 Hardin County - Gary & Judy Fuller

Posted on 04/05/2011 at 1:21 PM
Gary and Judy Fuller have been involved with 4-H for over 30 years. Gary joined 4-H in 1951 as a member of the Jackson Feeders 4-H Club. He was a member of the club for 8 years showing purebred Spotted Poland China pigs. In 1953 he captured Grand Champion Litter,...

2005 Hardin County - Julia (Mrs. Merlyn) Hall

Posted on 03/31/2011 at 2:43 PM
Julia was a member of her local 4-H club for 5 years when she was younger and enjoyed the experience. She was a leader of the Alden 4-H Club for 9 years starting in 1983. Her children were very involved in Hardin County 4-H and Fair. Her influence on her...

2004 Hardin County - Loyd Thayer

Posted on 03/31/2011 at 11:49 AM
Loyd served as a 4-H leader of the Hardin County Pleasant Pluggers 4-H Club from 1974 to 1986. He served on the Hardin County Extension Council from January 1, 1997 to December 31, 2000. While serving on the Extension Council he also served as the liaison person to the 4-H...

2003 Hardin County - Fern Cook

Posted on 03/29/2011 at 1:48 PM
Fern Cook loved 4-H, and the county and state fairs - especially photography. She was a 4-H leader for many years before she started a Hardin County Photography Club. Assisted by Majorie Norm Union, Fern hosted and led the South Hardin County 4-H Photography Club, which was attended by many...

2002 Hardin County - Ken Butt

Posted on 03/24/2011 at 1:24 PM
The Hardin County 4-H program has benefited from 47 years of active involvement by Ken Butt. Ken was a 4-H member for 8 years, a club leader for 25 years, and spent 3 years on the youth committee. Ken served on the Hardin County Fair Board both as a member...
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