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Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

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2022 Greene County Peg Morlan-Gannon

Posted on 08/22/2022 at 11:15 AM
Peg Morlan-Gannon began her 4-H career in the 1960s as a member of the Kendrick Merry Maids. During her time as a 4-H’er she participated in sewing, photography, and showing cattle. Her proudest accomplishment as a 4-H’er was receiving a blue ribbon at the state fair for her dress-in dress...

2021 Greene County Jacque Andrew

Posted on 08/23/2021 at 11:50 AM
From an early start at age six helping her older sisters show their beef projects to service on the Iowa 4-H Foundation board, 4-H has played a formative role in Jacque (Eilbert) Andrew’s life. As a Boone County 4-H’er, she was a member of the Dodge Dainty Damsels and Dodge...

2020 Greene County: Jo Ann Schnebly

Posted on 08/23/2020 at 12:00 PM
Jo Anne started her 4-H career in Ohio. When her son, Andrew, was old enough to start 4-H, Jo Anne started volunteering in Greene County. She has served as a Clover Hall Superintendent for nearly twenty years. She dedicated her time and talent to provide a memorable experience for Greene...
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2019 Greene County: Dawn Rudolph

Posted on 08/19/2019 at 12:13 PM
Dawn Rudolph has been a lifelong member of Greene County 4-H and the community. Her father was a Greene County 4-H’er and he passed on his love for agriculture to his children. Dawn was a member of Kendrick Merry Maids 4-H Club. As a member of 4-H, she remembers that...
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2018 Greene County: Bob Berns

Posted on 08/21/2018 at 3:07 PM
In 1995, Bob Berns was awarded the Ruby Clover award for his 30 years of service to the Greene County 4-H program. Throughout those 30 years, Bob was a leader of the Cedar Highland Boys 4-H Club and a long time swine superintendent. Before the fair, Bob’s 4-H club would...
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2017 Greene County: Alice Walters

Posted on 08/25/2017 at 9:32 AM
Alice Walters began 4-H as a Carroll County 4-H’er at the age of 9. Alice remembers wearing her 4-H uniform when she did a demonstration at the Iowa State Fair. Alice’s mother worked in Extension services and was a 4-H leader. Alice is a 1938 graduate of Iowa State University with...

2016 Greene County Monica McGregor

Posted on 08/26/2016 at 8:02 AM
Greene County has been fortunate to have many great leaders in our 4-H program over the years. The late Monica McGregor stands out as one whose passion for 4-H and the kids involved was unmatched. Monica was passionate about her faith, her family, and her community. A lifelong resident of Greene...

2015 Greene County- David and Cheri Roquet

Posted on 08/24/2015 at 9:13 AM
Over the years, David and Cherie Roquet have greatly impacted countless youth and families through the Greene County 4-H program. This influence was especially significant during the 15 years Cherie served as 4-H Youth Coordinator and David was an active member of the fair board. Cherie grew up in Knoxville...

2014 Greene County - Doug Hawn

Posted on 08/17/2014 at 10:03 PM
Greene County native Doug Hawn has served as Greene County Fair Board Secretary for 32 years. A life-long 4-Her, he spends hundreds of hours each year in both physical labor and administrative tasks to assure Greene County 4-H members have the best fair experience possible. Doug provides use of his farm...

2013 Greene County -Steve and Julie Karber

Posted on 08/08/2013 at 11:01 PM
Steve and Julie were born, raised and made their home in Greene County, living in rural Jefferson. Julie was part of a farm family of seven in rural Scranton and active with school activities during her teens. Steve lived on the opposite side of the county in Grand Junction and...

2012 Greene County- Wendy & Gary Mount

Posted on 07/18/2012 at 3:22 PM
Wendy was raised on a farm in Jasper County. Wendy was a member of the Jasper County Hickory Grove Sunbeams, an all girls 4-H club, and was a state fair exhibitor. Wendy worked as a secretary and helped Gary with the farming and recordkeeping. She is now retired, but continues...

2011 Greene County - Donel & Maxine Ebersole

Posted on 08/30/2011 at 1:51 PM
It was 39 years ago that Donel and Maxine Ebersole started working with young people in the 4-H program. They inspired another couple with the same love of horses to join them as project leaders. Maxine was a 6-year leader of the Hardin Girls 4-H club, and served on the...

2010 Greene County - Vernon and Corinne Bancroft

Posted on 04/21/2011 at 1:38 PM
Vernon has a rich history in the 4-H program beginning when he became a member of the Paton Pioneers and showed beef, dairy and hogs at the county and state fairs. In his 4-H career, he served on the boys’ county council, attended 4-H camp, participated in the Washington Washington-Focus...

2009 Greene County - Lois Graven

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 1:59 PM
Lois Graven was a 4H Leader for over 20 years, served on 4H and Youth Committees at the county and state level. In 1969 she was recognized as an Honorary 4-H Member of her club. The 4H Alumni Award was given to Lois by Greene County in 1979 and a...

2008 Greene County - Marilyn E. Allender

Posted on 04/19/2011 at 10:45 AM
Marilyn was a 4-H member for 7 years, leader for 15 and has been a judge at all levels (local achievement shows, county fairs and state fair) for 55 year total—and is still active. She chaperoned everything from local trips to Des Moines, up to the Washington DC trip. She...

2007 Greene County - Joan Allen

Posted on 04/07/2011 at 2:22 PM
Joan Allen was a club leader in the 1950’s and 60’s who instilled a sense of dependability, integrity, fair play, and good citizenship in each member, largely by example. She wholeheartedly appreciated working with the 4-H program and was involved in a variety of areas for over 20 years. Besides...

2006 Greene County - Phyllis Gannon

Posted on 04/05/2011 at 1:28 PM
Phyllis Gannon has been involved in 4-H in one way or another for over 217 “4-H years”. She is the matriarch of many years of 4-Hers as a mother, grandmother, and soon to be great grandmother. Phyllis has pursued 4-H for her children and grandchildren. She has “produced” many years...

2005 Greene County - Roger & Robert Clause

Posted on 03/31/2011 at 2:55 PM
The Clause Brothers are very well known as strong 4-H families. Besides being active members themselves and supporting their family member in 4-H activities, they served as 4-H club leaders, county livestock judging leaders, livestock superintendents for the Greene county fair. An interesting tidbit of history arose when 4-H celebrated...

2003 Greene County - Susan Hoffman

Posted on 03/29/2011 at 1:54 PM
Susan Hoffman has been an active part of the Greene County 4-H program for over 45 years. After spending nine years as a 4-H member during her childhood, Susan went on to serve as a leader for the Greenbrier-Go-Getters 4-H club for 22 years. She also spent four years serving...

2002 Greene County - Randy & Linda Hedges

Posted on 03/24/2011 at 1:10 PM
Associating Randy and Linda Hedges names to the Greene county 4-H program has become second nature for many. Leading the Greenbrier 4-H club for many years, Randy and Linda – 17 and 14 years, respectively – work as a team to portray the true power of YOUth and the 4-H...
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