2012 Sac County- Bill Thompson

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 Sac County- Bill Thompson


Bill Thompson was a nine year 4-H member, first as a Newark Beaver in Webster County and then as a Woolstock Junior Stockman in Wright County. 

He enjoyed showing beef, exhibiting extensively in county, area, state, and out-of-state shows.  In his high school years Bill became involved in communications, citizenship, and leadership projects, attending several state camps and conferences. 
During his college years he was a member of Campus 4-H.  As an adult Bill served two terms on the Wright County Extension Council and then on the Sac County Extension Council, even being a representative on a state committee. 
Bill has been a long time member of the Sac County 4-H Committee and was instrumental in developing the Sac County Endowment Fund, serving as chairman of each committee a number of times.  Bill judged 4-H record books for over 15 years and served on a committee to re-evaluate the record keeping system. 
While Bill’s children were in 4-H, he helped with many community improvement projects, painting and repairing buildings at a local museum and at the fairgrounds, helping plant and maintain flowers at the city entrance. 
Bill received the Sac County 4-H Alumni Award and is an Iowa 4-H Foundation 400 Club member.




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