2010 Mitchell County - Dennis and Joyce Rachut

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2010 Mitchell County - Dennis and Joyce Rachut


Dennis and Joyce RachutDennis and Joyce Rachut were leaders of the Rocky Ramblers 4-H Club in Mitchell Co. for 13 years.  Their club accomplishments include raising money for flower planters and helping put the flower planters in on Main Street in Osage..  Their club has been responsible for planting and maintaining these planters throughout the summer for the past ten years.
Their club community service projects included:  maintenance and upkeep of two township cemeteries’ annually, visits to the two nursing homes in Osage around Fair time to allow their members to give presentations of their fair projects to the residents, taking kids to the Community Kitchen, and delivering Meals on Wheels.

Dennis was always willing to help in the barns during Fair with the animals.  He would make sure they knew what to do and was always asking if they needed help. 

Joyce was in 4-H growing up and took food and sewing projects.  She enjoyed working with the members on their home improvement and sewing projects.  She has also held a sewing workshop with 4-H’ers in Mitchell County. 

Both Dennis and Joyce always encouraged discussion when the 4-H'ers had to vote and allowed their members to have a “voice”.

Dennis and Joyce took time with every single 4-H member to ask them how they were, what they were up to, and how their fair projects were going.  They truly cared about every child in their club and were interested in them.  They both put countless hours in to keep their large club very organized.  They both enjoyed being 4-H leaders and getting to know the kids in their club and their families.

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