2010 East Pottawattamie County - Dorothy Myers

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2010 East Pottawattamie County - Dorothy Myers


 Dorothy MyersDorothy Myers started as a 4-H member in East Pottawattamie County during her years in school.  As her children became 4-H members she served as a local 4-H Club leader and also was selected to the County Youth Committee.
In these positions she helped many 4-H members in the county learn more about their projects and encouraged them to participate in 4-H activities.

Her involvement has continued through the years and she has had the opportunity to assist her grandchildren that are currently members of the 4-H program in the county.

Dorothy has always had a sincere interest in the importance of our young people.  She was willing to put her time and energy into working with youth in 4-H and also served on the school board where she contributed to the advancement of the youth in our county.

Although she never had a money paying job, she was rich with love and knowledge to pass on to those around her.  She enjoyed gardening, sewing, canning and farm safety and she shared this knowledge with the 4-H members she worked with.  4-H kids learned a lot from her.  She loved teaching and watching their eyes light up when they “got it”.

Currently she enjoys writing, bead work, quilting, painting and still lives on her century farm.  She has six children, 10 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Dorothy Myers was a true leader of youth in East Pottawattamie County and she is still passing on her knowledge, love and encouragement to all.

Congratulations, Dorothy.

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