2010 Sioux County - Harlan and Phyllis De Haan

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2010 Sioux County - Harlan and Phyllis De Haan


Harlan and Phyllis De HaanPeople who benefited by membership in the 4-H program often continue to be involved long past their senior year in high school.  They encourage their children’s involvement in the program and give of their time to see the program continues to be strong.  Harlan and Phyllis De Haan are two of those individuals who chose to stay involved and give back to the Sioux County 4-H program. 

As 4-H volunteers, they have a total of 24 years of “giving back” to the Sioux County 4-H program.  Their involvement has been evident at all levels of the
4–H program.  Harlan and Phyllis have been active 4-H’ers, supportive parents, strong club leaders, and fair superintendents. Phyllis judges at numerous county fairs and has served on the Sioux County Fair Board.  Harlan currently serves on the Sioux County Extension Council. 

The best volunteers are those who are passionate about what they believe in and want to share it with others.  Harlan and Phyllis dedicate countless hours to the 4-H program.  They open their home to 4-H meetings and workshops.  They have taught 4-H’ers about baking, sewing, poultry, sheep, community service and much more.  They are encouragers, partners and teachers.  They are positive role models and the caring adults that are the “heart” of the 4-H clover.

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