2009 Fayette County - Helen M. Halstead

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2009 Fayette County - Helen M. Halstead


2009 Fayette County - Helen M. HalsteadFor the past 40 years, 4-H has played an active role in Helen Halstead’s life. Her oldest son, Jim, joined the Eldorado Eagles 4-H Club in 1969. Following Jim’s lead came three brothers and five sisters who were either involved in the Eldorado Eagles or Diligent Doverettes (later renamed Diligent Dovers) 4-H Clubs in Fayette County. Every year Helen supported her children in completing projects, giving presentations, filling out record books and award applications as well as participating in local, county, and state activities. “She encouraged us to pick projects that required more advanced skills, even ones she didn’t know, and she was always right there to learn along with us,” says her daughter, Kathy.

Another daughter, Teresa, remembers how her mother always emphasized the significance of detail, especially when filling out record books. “She helped me understand the importance of being accountable and responsible for completing whatever I started,”
she says.
Helen also supported her late husband, George, while he served a three-year term, leading the Eldorado Eagles. Her son, Dave, remembers how both his mother and father instilled family values in 4-H. “Many of the projects and activities involved all of us and were opportunities for us to work and grow together, understanding that it takes more than just one person to accomplish something,” says Dave.

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