2008 Cerro Gordo County - Judy Levad

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2008 Cerro Gordo County - Judy Levad


2008 Cerro Gordo County - Judy LevadJudy Levad is an active supporter of 4-H in Cerro Gordo County.  A mom of two 4-H young people, Judy has been a 4-H leader for over 16 years.  She was on the original 4-H Foundation group to raise funds and construct our 4-H Learning Center on the North Iowa Fairgrounds that serves as a home to many educational events and restaurant during the fair.  

Judy currently serves as secretary to this Cerro Gordo 4-H Foundation.  Judy serves on the county 4-H Youth Committee and also serves as the co-Superintendent for the 4-H Exhibit Building for the North Iowa Fair.

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