2008 Keokuk County - Antona Nell Weber

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees

2008 Keokuk County - Antona Nell Weber


2008 Keokuk County - Antona Nell WeberAntona Nell Weber started her career in 4-H as a member in 1939 in the newly created Warren Winners 4-H Club.  She later became that clubs leader for over 20 years.  Nell served on the county 4-H committee for over ten years, and served as county fair superintendent for small animals, dog obedience and gardening.  

Under Nell’s guidance the dress review transitioned to include clothing selection and she encouraged boys to participate in the program.  One of the boy 4-H’ers is now in the clothing industry in New York City. When it was difficult to find volunteers to take leadership positions Nell would always step forward and take the responsibility. Once she did this, by becoming the horticulture superintendent, to become more informed she took the ISU Master Gardner program.

Nell was a personal mentor to many girls and boys as they experienced 4-H by spending many one on one hours helping them learn how to sew, prepare foods, do presentations, and take care of small animals.  As her reputation grew in the southeast area she was in great demand as a county fair judge.

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